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Sarah Morgan

What is your morning routine?

I wake up around 6:30am to my one-year-old puppy licking my hand, jumping on and off the bed, and playing with anything he shouldn’t to get my attention and get me up. I grab whatever clothes are nearby, wrangle a leash on him, and head out for a walk.

Once we’re back, we both get breakfast and, since it’s still too early for me to properly function, I spend thirty minutes to an hour watching TV, listening to a podcast, or reading. I know a lot of people opt for working out, journaling, or meditating, but my goal is simply to start my day in a positive mindset and feeling energized. Sometimes an episode of The Real Housewives is all I need to get in a good mood. Once I feel alive and ready to rock, I jump into my most important task of the day.

Sarah Morgan with her dog Hudson

How long have you stuck with this routine so far?

We adopted our dog Hudson about five months ago, so the 6:30am puppy wake-up is relatively new, but I’m actually starting to enjoy it. Knocking out the majority of my to-do list before noon always makes me feel like a rock star.

How has your morning routine changed over recent years?

When I was first self-employed I was thrilled to be working on my own schedule, so I opted to skip the alarm and allow my body to wake up on its own—and it was glorious. I’d usually get up around 9:00am. It’s much easier to jump straight into work when you’re listening to your internal clock.

Last year I included a gratitude practice in my routine. More than putting me in a positive mindset, it allowed me to see which things I repeatedly wrote down that I’m grateful for. Quiet days just for writing was a big one, so this year I’m working on incorporating more of those into my week. I’m still doing my gratitude practice, but it’s more sporadic. It usually happens while I’m watching TV in the morning. I think it’s becoming less of a priority because I’m up earlier and I’m less awake as I start my day.

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This year I’ve added in a manifesto of sorts—kind of like a longform version of affirmations. It’s essentially an article I wrote about myself and my accomplishments ten years in the future. Reading it (just before I start working) helps to ground me in a bigger version of what I can accomplish and fills me with excitement to dive into the tasks that will help me get there. (Apparently, I have three dogs in the future, so maybe I should add in a morning dog walker, too?)

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